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Advantage for CATS - under 9 lbs - ORANGE - 4 tubes

Advantage for CATS - under 9 lbs - ORANGE - 4 tubes
Part# 45
Type Flea & Tick
Brand Advantage
Color / Dose ORANGE
Pack Size 4 tubes
Pet For Cats
Pet Weight 0 to 9 lbs
Expires 2027-Mar-1
User Rating  [Rate It!]
4.86 out of 5
(7 times)  [View Details!]

Unit Price $26.45

Advantage is a once a month topical flea treatment for cats and kittens over 8 weeks or older and dogs and puppies 7 weeks or older. This product kills 98-100% of the fleas on cats and dogs within 12 hours. Comes in the following sizes - Small Dog Green- for puppies over 6 weeks and small dogs up to 10lbs; Medium Dog Teal for dogs 11-20lbs; Large Dog Red for dogs 21- 55lbs and Extra Large Dog Blue for dogs over 55lbs; Small Cat Orange for cats and kittens up to 9lbs; Large Cat Purple for cats over 9lbs.


Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) Imidacloprid (9.1%)
Orange Small Cats under 9lbs under 4kg 0.4ml
Purple Large Cats over 9lbs over 4kg 0.8ml
Green XS Dogs under 10lbs under 4kg 0.4ml
Teal Small Dogs 11 - 20lbs 4 - 10kg 1.0ml
Red Medium Dogs 21 - 55lbs 10 - 25kg 2.5ml
Blue Large Dogs Over 55lbs 25 - 50kg 4.0ml

Place the applicator tip through the animals hair to the skin level. On cats, apply to skin on neck at the base of the skull. For dogs up to 20 lbs, apply to skin on back between the shoulder blades. For dogs 21 lbs or over apply the contents of one tube to 3 or 4 spots along the skin on back from the shoulder to the tail. Do not get this product in the pet's eyes or mouth.

This product is for external use on dogs 7 weeks or older and cats 8 weeks or older. Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated animals, animals using this product with other pesticides, and debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals. This product causes eye irritation in humans and is harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with skin. Call poison control center if swallowed. If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water. If in eyes, flush with plenty of water.

Imidacloprid (9.1%), Inert ingredients (90.9%)


5 - by Gabriela Perez "Oy! So many books. . . .", San Antonio, TX on 2008-Feb-6
simply the best flea product out there - If you're looking for a flea product that effectively kills fleas and keeps new ones from hopping on driving your cat crazy, this is the product for you. Here's what I like about it: 1) it's been around longer than some of the products everyone's touting now. That's important to me because I'm a bit leery of the ones that just came out; I'd like to have a few years behind something, a few years in which the manufacturer can spot new problems, a few years in which consumers can rave or rant about the product. To me, while nothing is 100% guaranteed, that means that my cats are less likely to have reactions that I can't predict. 2) it's a simple product. It kills fleas. Period. It doesn't battle every insect or parasite known in the veterinary community. If I need something that kills worms, I'll find a separate product and check its safety and efficacy first. Ditto all the stuff my cats aren't likely ever to need: tick protection, etc. My vet kept touting Frontline Plus because of the tick prevention aspect, and I just kept saying, why should I spent $20 more for something my cat doesn't need? I haven't even seen a tick in my area in 30 years! 3) my cats react well to Advantage, but they scratch and get greasy with Frontline. 4) the cost of this product is very reasonable. If I'm cash poor, I get the size for larger cats and split the doses, but that's not something the manufacturer recommends. I checked, however, and the ingredient is the same and in the same concentration, so I take the risk on myself. So far, no adverse reactions when I split the larger dose. 5) this is the only product that works the length of time it's supposed to. I get a minimum of one month of protection from each tiny tube, and sometimes two doses per cat is all I need for the late spring/summer flea nightmare.
5 - by J. Cook "Celestial Cat", Southern California, USA on 2007-Nov-27
The BEST product out there, but fleas can become resistent! - We've had cats my whole life, and have tried every product out there. Thank goodness, there are finally several excellent products on the market now! I would rate the top three as Advantage, Frontline, and Program, when it comes to cats (the latter being a med you can put in their food, if you have a cat with extra sensitive skin that cannot tolerate topicals [one of my cats had a reaction to the Frontline Plus a few years ago]). At this time, we use Advantage on all our pets.But KittyLuv57 brings up a good point in her review . . . fleas do develop a resistence to these meds, especially if you live in an area where you neighbors all use this same medication on their pets. Darwinian ''Survival of the Fittest'' comes in to play, and the only fleas that survive in a neighborhood with heavy Advantage use will have done so because they are stronger than the larger population killed off. And when the survivors lay eggs, the next generation will selectively have those traits that allowed their progenitors to resist the medication.Fear not, though, because the result is not an onslaught of SuperFleas! Generational resistence develops only against the one medication used most in your area. If you've used Advantage for several years, then switch to one of the other top three for a while, and you should have excellent results. Eventually you'll see a resistence develop to that medication, and you'll know it's time to switch back to Advantage.The top brands all work equally well, except when generational resistence develops in your backyard ~ so if one brand fails you this year, it doesn't mean your product is not a good product, it just means you're facing the Darwinian Flea Paradox, and you need to switch brands for a while, sometimes just one year will do the trick. And if your neighbors are all avid warriors in the fight against fleas, you might need to try more than one different brand because the fleas in your backyard may be resistent to more than one brand. So don't give up! Flea control IS possible.But for the record, our feline family prefers Advantage . . . great results and no allergic reactions.
5 - by Fred "mrdata22", Sacramento, CA United States on 2007-Aug-9
Advantage for Cats - Ordered Advantage for Cats over 9 pounds in the 6 pack size. had the best price I could find. Bayer makes this product which is very effective for immediately kills adult fleas (as opposed to othe products that only kill the eggs). However, it appears that Bayer has, and continues, to spend a lot of time and resources to make sure that no one any where sells this product below a certain price they want which I've documented going up every month and is rapidly approaching $10 a month per treatment (per cat). I have 5 rescued cats so the price adds up to $50 per month to treat them for fleas. Every source I could find that sold this product at bargin prices has been forced to cease selling it. This use to be called price fixing. Nevertheless, the product works very well. As soon as I can find another product that will kill adult fleas for less money than the outrageous price of Bayer's Advantage, I will switch. My order arrived very fast and was well packaged. I will use this merchant again. The 5 star rating is for the retail merchant, and the effectiveness of the product.
4 - by Bu-Chan, Aotearoa on 2006-Dec-5
Napalm for Fleas -
5 - by C. P. Bacon, Palm Harbor, FL on 2006-Mar-17
No Fleas on My Kitties -
5 - by FrKurt Messick "FrKurt Messick", Bloomington, IN USA on 2005-Sep-30
Second to none -
5 - by FrKurt Messick "FrKurt Messick", Bloomington, IN USA on 2005-Sep-30
Second to none -

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